For those suffering with PTSD, or not sure... 

Do you experience any of these symptoms?


Difficulty sleeping, constantly on guard, frequently irritated, easily startled, experiencing nightmares, flashbacks, emotionally cut off, feeling numb, loss of interest, trouble concentrating, angry outbursts.




The Scars Project is a Portland-based 501(c)(3) organization providing a unique opportunity to help our returning warriors find relief through creative theater.

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How the SCARS Project helps... 

The Scars Project

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THE SCARS PROJECT is a Portland-based 501(c)(3)  organization providing a unique opportunity to help our returning warriors find relief through creative drama.

© 2016-2020 THE SCARS PROJECT.  All rights reserved.


For medical & mental health professionals...

Contact us regarding drama therapy and trauma resources.





For the rest of us, so we can understand...

    -  Read the book.

    -   Host a Scars Play in your community.

    -   Send us an email with your questions.   



  • We provide hope and healing to those who live with PTSD and their families.
  • We support the healing process of veterans with PTSD with interactive methods.
  • We strive to broaden the understanding of PTSD within our communities.
  • We offer resources, each inspired by Father Berg's original interviews with veterans living with PTSD and their families.




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PTSD...  You never get over it.   You get on with it!


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Exciting Announcement...



We are pleased to announce the completion of the trailer for the SCARS movie now in process.


Our prayers have been answered!   


Stay tuned for more details as filming progresses!


Thank you for your prayers, commitment & patience!