The Scars Project is a Portland-based 501(c)(3) organization providing a unique opportunity to help our returning warriors find relief through creative theater.

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Author of the book, SCARS, and founder of The Scars Project, Fr. Berg is a native of Portland, Oregon who served in multiple academic roles at the University of Portland, including Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. He is former pastor of the parish of St. Andre Parish, also known as the Downtown Chapel. Currently he serves in a pastoral role at Mary's Woods retirement community.    


A few years ago, Richard Berg interviewed nine active duty military men in treatment for and diagnosed with post-traumatic stress (PTS). These men included Army Rangers, officers and specialists. He informed them of his intent to write a story and develop a program to help family members and the wider public better understand their personal suffering, their emotional scars and the painful impact of PTS on their relationships.





A retired businessman, college educator, public speaker, and management consultant, Greg Hadley has had a distinguished career in financial and operational management of privately held companies, merger and acquisition activities, and crises management advisory services for more than 200 companies. He served as a Captain in the U. S. Army Air Defense Missile Command.  He and his wife live in a retirement community in Lake Oswego, Oregon.





Mental Health Therapist, Cedar Hills Military Program


A licensed professional counselor (LPC) Ben Cobb is working with active and retired military service members who suffer from chemical dependency, PTSD, and other mental health issues.  He has worked in the field of mental health and substance abuse treatment since 1998.





Drama Therapist


Receiving his MA in Drama Therapy from Concordia University in Montreal, he found acting and creating theater to be deeply healing.  He is a filmmaker who sees drama therapy as a way to move toward post-traumatic growth to reach deeper levels of self-love and resiliency.   

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THE SCARS PROJECT is a Portland-based 501(c)(3)  organization providing a unique opportunity to help our returning warriors find relief through creative drama.

© 2016-2020 THE SCARS PROJECT.  All rights reserved.


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