“The rapid-fire format of this work is much like an automatic weapon, but this automatic weapon does not spit out metal rounds. It discharges love, understanding and compassion.          


I know from first-hand experience that survival is not won from our own efforts. 

It is won in collaboration with family, friends and professionals who care, and with the love of God that is always present, but not always sought out.  


This book will inspire those who suffer with PTS, as well as their loved ones, to take the steps necessary to get better. It will also help the rest of us to better understand our responsibility for those we send off to war, and who then return filled with experiences and scars that will forever shape them. I know I would have benefited from this book if I had read it after my return from Vietnam over 40 years ago.


The military that teaches soldiers how to kill failed to later teach us how to live. It is good that the situation is changing for our returning warriors. Perhaps this book will cause that change to quicken even more. I hope so for the lives of those scarred by PTS. The healing process is extremely slow, it is never complete, and can be painful for all involved. This book will be a source of healing for many.”


John A. Riherd, 1st Lieutenant, U.S. Army, Vietnam

Bronze Star recipient



“SCARS captures vivid emotions, events and people realistically.  We hold our troops in our hearts, and our imaginations carry us along in compassion and prayer. This story gives a real picture of real people... all the stuff of their hearts, the pain and suffering, the endurance, the anger, the horror, and the support team in the war and at home.  A great read, but oh so painful, and yet so hopeful.”


Mary Sue Richen, M.A., Catholic Chaplain



“This multi-perspective story portrays the impact of combat on hearts and minds with painful realism. Here we learn to pray as we think of the suffering our soldiers, their families and loved ones endure under the strain and scars of war.”


Paula Liddell, MSN,

Senior Performance Consultant, Northwest Permanente




Author of SCARS, the book



The Scars Project is a Portland-based 501(c)(3) organization providing a unique opportunity to help our returning warriors find relief through creative theater.

© 2016-2020 THE SCARS PROJECT  All rights reserved.

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Presentations of the play SCARS is a collaboration between community leaders and groups, in an effort to stop the growth of PTS

among our veterans, their families, and their friends.  It is our goal to provide veterans' facilities and other clinics with a new method

of helping their clients and loved ones.  Using theater as therapy helps them examine their uncontrollable feelings of stress resulting

from war-related experiences.


SCARS was originally written as a novel by Father Richard Berg , a chaplain, professor and author, from Portland, Oregon.

It was adapted for stage by the award-winning writer, Roccie Hill.  


SCARS is available to counselors and therapeutic clinics to use with treatment of veterans and their families at a nominal cost.


Contact us for information on presenting SCARS  in your community, or utilizing it in a healing environment.

Email : bergcsc@hotmail.com



 What people are saying...


"The SCARS cast and presentation was terrific.  It was hard for me to watch without getting a little emotional.  Memories of a very similar nature come flying back, so be assured the play especially conveys intense feelings associated with PTSD.  My wife keeps telling me how long I was in denial -- most of our marriage.  I owe her more than I can every repay.

​Vietnam Vet, E.M., Portland, Oregon 


"I am so glad this story is being told on stage!  I look forward to reading the book SCARS.  I was in tears often as the lead actor shared his experiences as a combat medic in Afghanistan.  During the play, I often thought of a dear friend who served in the Marine Corps.  Thank you for bringing us a deeper awareness and experience of PTSD, mental illness, and homelessness among our vets.  This play and project is important.  I am most grateful.


H.E., Lake Oswego, Oregon


"I thought the play was first class.  I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the play.  Actors, casting and content were outstanding.  A video of this play needs to be mandatory viewing for every deploying soldier headed to a combat zone, along with other appropriate educational material and counseling prior to deployment.  Upfront counseling and education, I think, would go a long way to help our young men and women face, process and handle PTSD, and thus reduce the harm and tragedy they may face when returning home."


Retired Army Colonel, C.C., Portland, Oregon


"SCARS was such a success and it seemed that everyone I spoke to was very moved and more informed about PTSD afterwards than they had been prior to arriving for the evening.  The combination of the escalating emotions and the struggle for understanding in the characters creates a response in the viewer that mirrors the story.  Thus, there is enough of an understanding to begin to have concern and compassion for those suffering from PTSD because of these tragic situations.  This begins the process that will help many people."


Massage Therapist, A.E., Portland, Oregon



Shaun Kosta

Director, Screenwriter






A combat medic veteran with PTSD fights to save  himself and his family's wildfire-torn California vineyard.


SCARS is a dramatic film by Shaun Kosta, based on the book  written by Richard Berg, CSC.    


Shaun Kosta is an award winning writer, director and film-maker.  


The producer, Suzanne DeLaurentiis, has been honored with many prestigious awards for filmmaking.


Based on intimate conversations with courageous men and women who have served in combat and others suffering with trauma, SCARS serves to open minds and hearts to what they endure, and the trials they and their loved ones undergo.


Clearly we are dealing with more than the wounds of painful memories and distress.


Wounds heal.  Scars remain.


​The Scars Project is actively soliciting donations and grants to fund the film production of SCARS.


Won't you help us?    Email:  bergcsc@hotmail.com


Producer, director, writer, and philanthropist Suzanne DeLaurentiis first entered the industry as an opera singer and actress, studying at Carnegie Hall, and performing in various Broadway and off-Broadway productions as well as television and film. She then spent the next thirty-five years in the industry shepherding the development of over a hundred feature films, television features, and documentaries. 

Producer, writer and philanthropist, Suzanne DeLaurentiis has shepherded the development of over one hundred feature films, television features, and documentaries.


Suzanne devotes much of her spare time raising money and awareness for veteran charities.  She has received the Commendation Medal from the United States Military for

her support to the mental and financial well-being of veterans.

Shaun is an award-winning filmmaker, editor, writer and producer, who works with production companies of all sizes to bring stories to life on film. 


Shaun commented, "We lose about twenty American veterans a day to suicide.  Our goal is to help them by showing them we hear them.  But they are hard to reach."  This film can help to touch them.



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THE SCARS PROJECT is a Portland-based 501(c)(3)  organization providing a unique opportunity to help our returning warriors find relief through creative drama.

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PTSD...  You never get over it.   You get on with it!


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